Fort Wayne, Indiana

Delivery Method:

Construction Manager as Advisor (CMa)


New Riverfront Development - Phase 1


2-1/2 miles of river; 310 acres of land

Construction Cost:

$20 million


Design Collaborative


June 2019

Phase I of the Riverfront Development in Fort Wayne consists of 2-1/2 miles of river and 310 acres of land. The project included recreational and ecological improvements that bring the community to the rivers. Among the many Phase I components are a new pavilion with food and beverages service, performance areas, boat docks, and kayak launches, permanent game areas, and so much more!

New active and highly programmed parks offer activities for all age groups and personal fitness levels, while passive trails and recreation areas provide access to nature within the heart of the city’s downtown area.

Improvements to the riparian habitat within the area provide a balance of improvements in the river system, construct new types of ecological systems in key locations and open view sheds, and access throughout the area.

This project was recognized for a 2020 Building Contractors Association of Northeast Indiana BCA Excellence in Construction Award and the 2021 ULI Americas Awards for Excellence.