Fort Wayne, Indiana

Delivery Method:


Self-Performance: Concrete, Carpentry, and Masonry


Red Panda Ridge


34,000 SF

Construction Cost:

$4.3 million


MSKTD & Associates, Inc.

Construction start:

January 2022


April 2023

With one remaining area of the Zoo without a theme, The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo decided to create a main exhibit for the Red Pandas, and a secondary exhibit for future cubs. Red Panda Ridge is part of the reimagined Asian Trek area of the Zoo. In addition to the Red Pandas, the exhibit is home to Chinese Muntjac Deer, and an Asian Bird Aviary with multiple bird varieties.

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is one of eight self-supporting zoos in the country. Red Panda Ridge would not have been possible without the support of the community, Zoo members, and generous donors. Hagerman continues to be a long supporter of the Zoo.

Project Highlights

  • As of its opening in May 2023, Red Panda Ridge is one of the largest Red Panda exhibits in the United States
  • Red Panda Ridge is part of the Asian Trek area of the Zoo
  • No. 7 on TripAdvisor’s Travelers Choice Best Zoos in the U.S. 2015