Bluffton, Indiana

Delivery Method:

  • Design-build
  • Self-performed: carpentry, concrete, and masonry


New elementary school


134,000 SF

Construction Cost:

$8.9 million


MartinRiley Architects & Engineers


July 2016
  • Bluffton-Harrison Elementary Exterior
  • Bluffton-Harrison Elementary Cafeteria
  • Bluffton-Harrison Elementary Classroom
  • Bluffton-Harrison Elementary Hallway

The Hagerman Briner BHMSD Design-Build Team was selected as the design-builder for the renovation and expansion of Bluffton-Harrison Elementary School in Bluffton, Indiana.

This 134,000 SF project provides the community, the school, and its staff, parents and most importantly the students of Bluffton-Harrison Elementary, a quality place of learning for today and tomorrow.

Key elements include renovation of existing classrooms as well as new classroom space, a new kitchen and cafeteria, the expansion of the administration suite and site improvements.

Project highlights

The construction phasing and scheduling were carefully developed to take full advantage of summer months, relocate students as little as possible, and keep the elementary school fully functional during the process.