Indianapolis, Indiana

Delivery Method:

Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc)


STAR Downtown Indianapolis Branch Renovation


16,590 SF

Construction Cost:

$1.6 million


DELV Design


November 2019

In 2019, Hagerman embarked on its 32nd STAR Financial Bank project. This project consisted of renovating an existing 16,590 square foot building located on Monument Circle in Indianapolis. The project had several challenges and the first was the exterior building façade. The building façade was listed on the local historic preservation list in Indianapolis, so alterations to the façade were met with a watchful eye to keep “true” the original look and feel of the circle. Additionally, worker and material access to the site was difficult and needed to be coordinated with all trades and the building property manager.

The interior project consisted of a complete tear down to the building exterior walls and a new streamlined modern office layout with a customer waiting area, employee lounge and coffee bar. The third floor, half mezzanine known
as the “Bird Nest” serves as a collaborative work area that fits today’s working environment and overlooks the second floor office area below, giving it a unique feel and view.