Noblesville, Indiana

Delivery Method:

Construction Manager

Self-performed concrete and masonry


Cyclotron Facility


100,000 SF

Construction Cost:

$13 million


Architectural Expressions


April 2016

Hagerman was selected to construct the infrastructure to create a new state-of-the-art cyclotron facility. Our scope included self-performance concrete, carpentry and demolition. We raised the roof in the center of the building, removed almost half of the building’s slab, excavated a 100’x 140’ hole 12’ deep in the north half of the building and then poured our way out. In the office space, we added and remodeled office areas and renovated a kitchen into a medical lab.

This facility houses the cyclotron, an extensive 11,000 SF production center, research and development space. The cyclotron vault, which encompasses the 140-ton accelerator, is approximately 25,000 SF and was constructed with 11,000 cubic yards of concrete and 300 tons of reinforcing steel.