Fort Wayne, Indiana

Delivery Method:

Construction Manager


New Production Facility


141,671 SF

Construction Cost:

$13.5 million


Vintage Archonics, Inc.


August 2017

Faurecia, a global market leader for light and commercial vehicles, offers advanced solutions for emissions control as well as acoustic treatment, weight reduction and exhaust heat recovery. They realized a need for a fourth location to accommodate its creation of 144 more jobs, adding to the already 1,800 Hoosier employees at three locations in Columbus, Indiana. Just like Faurecia, Indiana is a global leader in automotive manufacturing. Hagerman was not only the construction manager on this project, but also teamed with HBC Realty and the Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission in 2015 to help facilitate Faurecia’s new jobs and investment in Fort Wayne.

Project Highlights

Converting a shell package building mid-foundation installation into a tenant build-to-suite with additional building expansion.