Bunker Hill, IN

Delivery Method:



Isotopes Production and Scientific Research Facility


30,000 SF

Construction Cost:



Architectural Expressions, LLP


November 2020

Hagerman built a state-of-the-art isotopes production and scientific research facility in Miami County, Indiana for Arizona Isotopes Research Corp. (AZI), a radionuclide manufacturer. Hagerman transformed a 55,000 SF shell building into a new production and research facility. As part of its growth plans, the company expanded the existing building by 30,000 SF to create space for AZI’s 280,000-pound 70MeV cyclotron machine that produces medical isotopes used in cardiovascular infusions, heart or circulatory imaging, and prostate cancer treatments. This facility is only the third of its kind in the world, and Hagerman has constructed the two located in the United States.