Fort Wayne, Indiana

Delivery Method:

General Contractor


Business & Technology Center Renovation


77,255 SF

Construction Cost:

$3.8 million


Vintage Archonics


January 2017

Parkview Health acquired the 43.76 acre Raytheon Campus in January of 2016. The primary three-story, three pod structure was originally built and completed by Hagerman in 1979. Hagerman began renovating four areas of the facility in May 2016–the west side of Building A’s first floor, Building A’s second floor cafeteria, and Building C’s second and third floors. The third floor in Building C consisted of a 31,817 SF renovation. It houses Parkview’s IT and Support Services departments and was completed in four months from start to finish. The cafeteria in Building A was originally completed in 1979 so the renovation was much needed. This was a quick two month restoration and the upgraded cafeteria is now utilized by more than 1,100 employees. Much like the third floor, the second floor in Building C was a 31,817 SF build-out which also houses Parkview’s IT and Support Services. The west side of Building A’s first floor was a 10,618 SF renovation and houses Parkview’s Revenue, Coding and Employee Training facilities.

Fun Facts

  • Hagerman first constructed this facility in 1979
  • Project was completed in four months
  • Houses Parkview’s IT and Support Services departments