A successful foundation: Engaging an effective construction partner

Through my past 35 years of working in construction, there have been many changes along the way. Most noticeably, owners are more sophisticated as it relates to design and construction, and they are therefore seeking innovative partners as solution providers. At the same time, the industry is challenged with accelerated schedules, workforce availability, and delivering cost models that align with owners’ budget expectations. As a result, determining the best delivery option also becomes a key component of a successful endeavor. If you’re an owner, here are some keys to navigating today’s complexities and choosing an effective construction manager for your project.

Beyond the bottom line: focus on value

When selecting a construction partner, it’s important to look for the best value, not necessarily the lowest price. Relevant experience, financial strength, technical capabilities, capacity, partnerships with both traditional and specialized disciplines—all are important qualifications that can significantly affect the success of your project.

Construction partners can add value to your project in a variety of ways beyond just building your structure. The Hagerman Group can help clients determine their ideal site, research and advise on local incentives and potential tax credits, and provide an understanding of local government agency requirements to help accelerate projects. We also offer needs assessments and help with project programming. 

Reap the benefits of early involvement

Even if your site is selected and programming is underway, involving a construction firm early in the project provides a range of other benefits. Given the ever-changing dynamics of material and labor costs, construction partners can provide valuable input on material choices and advise on realistic budgets and timelines. Specialty products, for example, can sometimes have extremely long lead times that can impact the schedule. Owners should align themselves with construction firms that understand the current market, trends impacting cost escalation, and potential solutions to achieve project goals.

Explore alternate delivery and funding opportunities

Project delivery and financing models have evolved over the years, allowing owners to take advantage of new opportunities. The Hagerman Group has used a variety of delivery methods, such as Build Operate Transfer. When funding is a challenge, this approach helps organizations get their projects across the finish line. Construction partners with experience in a variety of finance and delivery methods can advise on the pros and cons of each option, helping you choose the right path for your organization.

While many aspects of the construction industry have changed, there are some constant keys to success: having a trusted partner, using an effective planning process, and taking the path that is best for your organization. If you’d like to talk more about your upcoming construction project, contact me.

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