A higher level: The benefits of drones in construction

Technology is a passion of mine. I believe innovation makes companies better, and I enjoy helping people understand the benefits technology can bring to the construction project process.

When I joined The Hagerman Group eight years ago, that passion resulted in my role evolving to include being Director of BIM (Building Information Modeling). More recently, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to help lead our construction company’s use of drones. After taking an optional course, months of studying, and completing a two-hour test, I met the requirements to become a FAA-Certified UAS Pilot.

The role of drone pilot calls for care and coordination, from safety considerations to federal requirements at job sites near airports or hospitals with helipads. The experience is well worth the effort, and I’ve found it has provided a host of benefits to The Hagerman Group’s clients and team members.

Increased understanding of the site

There’s only so much you can see from the ground or on a set of drawings. Showing the site from 400 feet up is an effective tool in the project communication toolbox. Through drone imagery, building owners get a more complete picture of a job site and can better understand how their project will be positioned, as well as how and where we’ll stage the construction materials and equipment.

A powerful story of project progress

As the project progresses, drone footage becomes a powerful tool to see the structure from multiple angles. From underground piping being installed to concrete being poured to steel going up, drone footage highlights construction activity from an exciting vantage point. In addition, drone videos tell a powerful story of how the building is progressing, sparking excitement among the team and providing an effective tool for owners to use when communicating with their board members and the public.

Enhancing construction operations

Caring for the safety of our team members, our clients, and the public is of the utmost importance. Drone footage can be used to enhance our efforts, helping our safety manager get a richer picture of places to tie off, potential fall risks, and other needs. Drone footage can also be integrated with other types of technology and imagery to enhance the project process.

On a personal level, there’s also an enjoyable aspect of using drones—it brings back childhood memories of playing with remote controlled gadgets, but on a much larger scale. In addition, I always look forward to the excitement of sharing the footage we’ve captured. I’m grateful to The Hagerman Group for providing me the opportunity to do what I love and pursue my passions for the good of our clients and their communities.

Pictured: Kyle flies a drone at the Park Foundation Pavilion at Promenade Park in Fort Wayne.

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