Wayne High School Project Team Works Together to Deliver Results

Wayne High School – a school in the Fort Wayne Community Schools district in Fort Wayne, Indiana – is undergoing a major renovation. The project mobilized in March 2022, and is scheduled to finish in August 2024 for a total of 30 months of construction. The project includes a new administration wing, new cafeteria, new athletics wing and practice areas, new library, a new entrance for New Tech Academy, and new collaboration spaces. The $48M project requires a lot of teamwork, and our project team acknowledges this.

On site full-time are a Fort Wayne Community Schools employee, two Hagerman Project Superintendents, and a Hagerman intern. One superintendent walks the site most of his day, checking the progress of workers in all spaces throughout the site. The other superintendent spends most of his time running the administrative side of the project. This includes coordinating with subcontractors, working on material deliveries, and time spent on jobsite permitting.

“This project has been a great collaboration of everything and everybody involved,” said Project Superintendent Sam Grotrian. “The communication has been great.”

School construction during the summer months is a race to the finish line before students return. This summer at Wayne, the project team worked hard to complete many classrooms, the gymnasium, the library, a large collaboration space, and the cafeteria. To get this done, the team must work together to balance the construction schedule with their personal schedules (summer vacations, kids’ activities, etc.) to ensure there is coverage onsite.

“We all do what needs to be done, not just what is in our job description,” said Project Manager Nikki Holt. “We take on what we need to when or if others cannot.”

For Fort Wayne Community Schools Wayne High School students, school begins today. Today, students will move into the main gymnasium, student services and guidance counseling offices, the ROTC room, the chemistry lab and classrooms varsity lockers rooms, and the athletic department suite. Another huge development for Wayne High School – the entire building finally has air conditioning! With that, every school in the Fort Wayne Community Schools district is air conditioned.

The Wayne High School project will continue through the school year, and should be complete by the start of the 2024-2025 school year.


*all photos taken on July 11, 2023

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