Tippecanoe County Community Corrections Holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Last week, the Tippecanoe County Community Corrections and Sheriff’s Office held a ribbon cutting ceremony, officially opening the building. Located in Lafayette, Indiana, the 41,175 square foot project comprised of new, renovated, and additional spaces provides much needed space for the Sheriff’s Department and Community Corrections.

Spaces include a two-story Sheriff’s Office with garage, evidence storage, an armory, offices, and interview and squad rooms. With the new space, the client has much needed office space, consolidated evidence storage, and are updating their processes and procedures for evidence handling given their new space.

The Community Corrections space is a single-story addition includes new offices, a case management area, participant locker rooms, and an updated work release check-in area. The renovated portion of the project features an updated medical room, learning kitchen, group counseling rooms, and a day room that serves as a physical barrier between male and female participants.

In all, this project provides more space for individual case manager offices, counseling rooms, and spaces for learning, all of which help participants get back into the community.

Congratulations to the project team on the successful completion of this unique project, and congratulations to the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office and Community Corrections on their new space!

Project Executive – Bruce Molter
Project Manager – Matthew Davis
Project Superintendent – Mike Kesler
Project Engineer – Dylan Flannery
Project Estimator – Don Jungst and Ross DeBonis
Safety Manager – Collin Christ
Project Coordinator – Elisa Meredith
Project Accountant – Rhydonna Hyden
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