Team Members Recognized with HAYGEE Awards – Q2 2022

Yesterday during Town Hall meetings for Fishers/Louisville and Fort Wayne, The Hagerman Group presented six team members with HAYGEE awards for the second quarter of 2022. Winners received bobblehead trophies in the likeness of the late Ted Hagerman, our president from 1948 to 1978. Award winners are determined by votes from their peers. The award categories and recipients include:

Outstanding Client Service Award

The foundation of any great organization is rooted in service. It is the nurturing force that fuels growth. The HAYGEE for Outstanding Client Service goes to the person, or group, that has been continuously dedicated to improving customer satisfaction, exceeding expectations, and reacting appropriately to ensure client satisfaction. Client Focus is a Hagerman Core Value because without our clients we would have no job to do. Customer service is not a department; it is an attitude.

Fishers | Zach Pahl, Senior Project Manager

Fort Wayne | Nikki Holt, Assistant Project Manager

Team Impact Award

Great things are accomplished through the collaboration of many minds with a common vision working toward a common goal. The HAYGEE for Team Impact goes to an individual, or group, who has fostered cooperation, collaboration, and open communication in their respective team environments. They build effective relationships across different departments to define and solve problems or reach agreements. They have placed group or project goals above personal goals while achieving a distinctive result.

Fishers | Kim Carney, Receptionist

Fort Wayne | Jeff Huth, Project Superintendent

Living Our Values (LOV) Award

Hagerman’s Core Values guide our team’s actions daily. The HAYGEE for Living our Values (LOV) is given to an individual, or group, who has, by deeds or example, exemplified Hagerman’s Core Values of Safety, Teamwork, Leadership, Embrace Change, Innovation, Client Focus, Integrity, Profitability, and Excellence.

Fishers | VDC Team (Dee Woodward and Megan Reust)

Fort Wayne | Shelly Cousineau, Accounts Payable Specialist

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