Huntington County Community School Corporation breaks ground on Learning Center Expansion

Huntington County Community School Corporation (HCCSC) and the Huntington County Community Learning Center put shovel to dirt on Thursday, March 4, commemorating the official beginning of the Learning Center’s expansion project.

Preliminary discussions for the expansion began in the fall of 2019, with plans beginning to be initiated in the spring of 2020. The project occupancy date for the expansion is currently set for Sept. 15, 2021.

The expansion will add 20,478 square feet to the Learning Center for a total of 49,784 square feet. Included in the expansion is a welding bay and classroom, advanced manufacturing lab and classroom, industrial maintenance classroom and lab, criminal justice classroom, and simulation room and remote learning lab. An additional 1,000 square feet of precision machining space, added storage space, safety stations, and one general education classroom are also included in the expansion.

Of note within the expansion is the new 2,907 square-foot welding bay, a substantial upgrade over the current welding bay measuring approximately 900 square feet. The new welding bay will accommodate 22 individuals at a time, a large increase over the 12 stations featured in the current bay. Additionally, the industrial maintenance lab and classroom will create space for future building trades and pre-apprenticeship programs.

The Learning Center received a grant of $202,512 on Jan. 1 from the Don Wood Foundation (formerly known as the 80/20 Foundation Trust) for use on the new advanced manufacturing lab. The grant money will be utilized for the purchase of one computer numerical control (CNC) mill, one CNC lathe, and six manual lathes.

Barton-Coe-Vilamaa of Ft. Wayne was selected as the architect for the expansion, while Hagerman, Inc., also of Ft. Wayne, is serving as the construction manager. The approved final bid for construction featured a total cost of $4,156,620. However, as of the groundbreaking ceremony, the project is approximately $148,000 under the projected budget.

The Learning Center opened in 2016, with the dedication ceremony taking place on Sept. 15, 2016. The Learning Center’s original square footage totaled 29,603 with a construction cost of $1.45 million.

The Learning Center is a hub for career readiness, job search, workplace certifications, and college learning opportunities. The Learning Center’s chief aim is to improve the skills of high school students and adult learners in Huntington County to meet the workforce needs of local industries.

In addition to HCCSC, the Learning Center’s tenants include Ivy Tech Community College Northeast, WorkOne Northeast, and Huntington University. Impact Institute and the Huntington County 4H Robotics Team are also located at the Learning Center. The Learning Center is also open to many community partners that regularly use the Community Conference Room for meetings and trainings.

The Learning Center offers many programs to its tenants. Huntington North High School students are able to take automotive, certified nurse aide, criminal justice, emergency medical technician, precision machining, and welding courses. With the exception of criminal justice, each course is offered for dual credit. Huntington North students also have access to internship opportunities. Impact Institute offers adult basic education, formerly known as the GED program. Ivy Tech currently offers welding and industrial maintenance courses and has offered CNC machining and various academic courses in the past.

Find more coverage on HCCSC’s website.

Dana Wannemacher, President, Barton-Coe-Vilamaa; Chris Moore, Director of Project Management, Hagerman; Chris Harmon, Director of Field Operations, Hagerman; Josh Pinney, Project Manager, Hagerman; Kevin Blackburn, Field Superintendent, Hagerman
Chris Moore, Director of Project Management, Hagerman; Dana Wannemacher, President, Barton-Coe-Vilamaa; Chad Daugherty, HCCSC Superintendent; Matt Roth, HCCSC Board President; Steve Kimmel, Executive Director, Huntington County Chamber of Commerce and Learning Center Advisory Board Chair; Huntington Mayor Richard Strick; Jacob Haneline, former Learning Center student
HCCSC Administration members Tiffanney Drummond, Chad Daugherty, Jay Peters, Rief Gilg
Learning Center staff Dan Niebauer, Terry Stoffel, Brian Murray, Tiffanney Drummond, Allen Karst, Stephanie Shady, Peggy Easley

About Huntington County Community School Corporation 

HCCSC includes six elementary schools (K-5), two middle schools, a comprehensive high school, and preschool services. HCCSC partners with the Huntington County Community Learning Center and offers many Career and Technical Education opportunities for our students.

The corporation serves all of Huntington County, Indiana, including the communities of Andrews, Bippus, Huntington, Majenica, Markle, Mt. Edna, Roanoke, and Warren. The students who attend HCCSC receive countless opportunities for academic, social, and emotional growth.

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