Hagerman team members participate in Dale Carnegie training; Markley receives “Highest Award for Achievement”

The Hagerman Institute of Learning recently hosted a Dale Carnegie Skills to Succeed, Transformational Leadership course. Each Wednesday for eight consecutive weeks, 11 leaders of our firm dedicated their time to focus on their own professional and personal growth.

While all of the Hagerman team members achieved awards during this course, Dylan Markley, project engineer from the Fort Wayne office, was honored with the final award, “The Highest Award for Achievement,” through the Dale Carnegie Program. Dylan best exemplifies the standards, qualities and principles on which the program is based. This is the most prestigious award in the program, a tradition begun in 1912 and continued to this day. Dylan showed perseverance, openness and commitment throughout the eight weeks. Dylan had a tremendous influence on the growth of his peers and others in the course.

Congratulations, Dylan! You are an outstanding leader and represented the Hagerman family extremely well.

Dale Carnegie training participants Dylan Markley, Stephanie Veit, Jeremiah Tomlin, Rachel Gumbiner, Hank Dragon, Shane Clarkson, Otto Gibbs, Chad Eber, Maranda Taylor, Tammy Dean, and Sarah Walker.
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