Terry Greene

Executive Vice President

Memorable project

Circle Centre Mall, a high-profile project in center of downtown Indianapolis

Alma mater

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Civil Engineering

Favorite food

Chili—“If a restaurant serves chili, I always get it!”

A winding route led to Terry Greene’s construction career. From a young age, he dreamed of designing suspension bridges, but later realized, “there just aren’t a lot out there.”

Instead, Terry interned with a global agriculture company, gaining field experience on a construction project before being hired as their structural engineer. Five days into Terry’s engineering role, the project’s contractor called, persuading Terry to join the construction side.

Ever since, Terry has loved construction and the sense of accomplishment it provides, from watching buildings take shape to securing new business. “Whether you’re a designer or a constructor, you’re making a lasting contribution to society,” says Terry.

Having spent his first 30 years in operations, Terry now focuses on leadership and business development at Hagerman. A likable storyteller, he communicates efficiently and prioritizes responsiveness and integrity. “Looking back, one of my keys to success has been treating people the way I want to be treated,” he says.

Terry loves being with his grandchildren and traveling. “When you realize you only have so much time, you want to fill it with value,” he says. He’s an avid exerciser and frequent golfer—activities that provide challenges and teach discipline.

Community causes

Elder of Second Presbyterian Church and supporter of Indiana Construction Roundtable, Associated General Contractors of Indiana, and Indiana Subcontractors Association