Sarah Walker

Director of Hagerman Institute

Memorable project

Taking Hamilton County high school students enrolled in an Ivy Tech School of Construction Technology course through the Boys and Girls Club of Noblesville when it was under construction.

Favorite food

All of it!

Sarah Walker’s interest in continuing education began at a previous company when she transitioned from accounting to corporate sales and training. “I found I loved educating people to address their challenges,” she says.

Sarah applies this passion to The Hagerman Institute, Hagerman’s educational and training platform. Considering team members’ professional, technical, and personal development, Sarah works to understand their needs and create programs that support their growth.

“The Hagerman Institute is a unique benefit The Hagerman Group provides,” says Sarah. “When a company invests in education, it says a lot about how they value their people.”

Approachable and determined, Sarah strives to provide colleagues with the knowledge they need while helping them feel empowered. “The most gratifying part is seeing the light bulbs going off,” she says. “It’s fulfilling to see people finding enjoyment and relevance in the topics.”

Sarah also leads educational programs that engage The Hagerman Institute with the next generation—important strategies given the labor shortage in the construction industry.

When she’s not at work, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and their three girls. “I enjoy being a homebody,” she says.

Community causes

Church and anything that has to do with children or animals