Ray Van Amburg

Vice President of Business Development

From a young lad, Ray has relished interacting with people and providing a service that brought value to their lives. Whether it was his family’s hardware business or his grandfather’s produce stand, he has always enjoyed hearing others’ stories, as connecting with people is a great source of his joy.

His family’s influence taught Ray many skills: interpersonal, business, and construction, to name a few. Through these experiences, a confident mindset to create win-win solutions was instilled in him. More importantly, Ray learned to treat others as you would treat yourself and that your handshake is your bond.

After school, Ray realized that working in a lab or purely office environment was not for him. Over 30 years ago, a friend connected Ray with a commercial developer who piqued a keen interest in commercial construction. Since then, he has been involved in numerous roles, from operations to business development for subcontractors and developers. This experience enhances Hagerman’s status as the premier construction solutions provider.

You will find Ray trying to balance faith and family outside of work. He spends time with his wife Carla, children Joe (his wife Cassidy) and Rachel, extended family, and friends. He also enjoys spending warm (or sometimes chilly) days chasing birdies with a little white ball. He may love golf, but it does not always love him. Ray is a passionate fan of the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, Michigan Football, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers, and Butler Basketball, and will almost always say “yes” to attending a live sporting event.