Missy Hoover

Chief Marketing Officer

Memorable project

The Franklin College Science Center; Missy’s knowledge of the project helped Hagerman get selected as construction manager

Alma mater

Indiana Wesleyan University, Business Administration

Favorite food


Missy Hoover joined The Hagerman Group after spending two decades on the architecture and engineering side of the design and construction process.

“I used to be able to see the vision of projects, but it’s great to be on the construction side and witness them being built,” she says. “It’s rewarding to see the final result.”

Focusing on marketing and branding of The Hagerman Group both internally and externally, Missy enjoys “communicating with clients, bringing new ideas, and drawing on her relationships and experience to benefit the company.”

She appreciates the growth opportunities Hagerman provides to its team members. “People can advance in their careers quickly if they prove themselves,” she says.

Missy is committed to being active, whether it’s doing an “Insanity” session with workout buddies at the office or signing up for clean-up days for OneZone. She’s also a supporter of the American Cancer Society—a cause important to her because cancer runs on both sides of her family.

When she’s not in the office, Missy is happiest on the beach. “I love to go to Florida with my husband,” she says. “I love the sand and sunshine.”

Community causes

American Cancer Society, OneZone, and Newfields.