Melanie King

Chief Financial Officer

Memorable project

Implementing an electronic document management system that increased efficiency and improved communication and collaboration between the operations and accounting teams

Alma mater

Purdue University, Accounting

Favorite food

Tacos, “a family favorite”

While taking accounting classes in high school, the subject matter came easily to Melanie King. “I decided to pursue my accounting degree and set a goal to be a CFO eventually,” she says. She met that goal at The Hagerman Group, where she oversees the company’s financial aspects, from day-to-day accounting to overall strategy. Also, Melanie is responsible for the information technology and human relations departments.

Melanie’s role gives her the opportunity to apply her experience in construction finance while staying up-to-date on the latest regulations and trends. “The Hagerman Group has a great environment,” says Melanie. “It allows me to bring my skills, perspectives, and ideas to the table, yet I’m also always challenged to learn something new.”

Hardworking and positive, Melanie is passionate about empowering the next generation of women. “It’s important for girls to know they can do whatever they want, not just the traditionally female-oriented professions,” she says.

When she’s not working, Melanie enjoys whatever interests her daughter. “Right now, it’s swimming,” she says. “We also love to travel and have new and exciting experiences.”

Community causes

Board of directors:

  • Indiana CPA Society
  • Executive Women in Finance
  • Noblesville Swim Club


  • Girl Scouts
  • Indiana CPA Society